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A Site for the Imaginative Thinker

The imagination is a wonderful thing, whether it is the pure imagination of writing poetry or stories, for the exploration of new ideas, or it’s application to the practical world to make it a better place. This site will inspire you to use your mind in many different ways

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Poetry— ——   Reflective & Inspiring

Imagination–    Opening up your inner mind

Chaos ManagementManaging your ideas

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As well as inspirational poetry and writing, you will discover different ways of using your imagination for the creation of ideas and bringing them to life.

How to turn your thoughts into practical applications, how to turn the chaos within and around us into an understandable and manageable situation that we can stay on top of
– And all with a dash of common sense and a touch of humour thrown in 🙂

This experience has evolved from a lifetime interest of imaginative thinking and poetry writing, 20+ years of working within engineering and software development, as well as managing a business. They are all compatible – honest!

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Poetry– –Poems of inspiration, of hope, spirituality and deep reflection

Poetry touches the emotions within us all, whether for reflection, for relaxation or just for fun. My poems reflect upon the world around us, our lives, our spirituality and our emotions. May you find within them something to inspire you in times of need or to reflect upon in quieter moments.

Over 300 poems have been written, click on the title (red italics) to select the topic of your choice. You can also follow my blog and receive my poems when I post them: My latest poem

Hope and Inspiration – Encouragement and hope in those moments of searching
Inner reflection – Inner reflection of emotions and forgiveness.
Love and Joy  – The love in our hearts and the joy of living.
The Natural World – Nature and its seasons, of rivers and raindrops.
Animals and Pets – The blackbird greeting the dawn, the cat sleeping on the bed.
Time alone with God – Reflections with God, regardless of what you believe.
Christian Poetry – The Gospels and their stories.
Remembrance and Grief – Of those we have lost. (Some have been read at funerals)
Sadness and despair – Those sad moments that we sometimes have to face

The Poem Index gives a full list of all of the poems on this site
Please Contact me  about anything that may interest you or if you want more information. All poems copyright protected.

Imaginative Thinking Ideas and techniques for using your imagination 

There are some basic approaches to using your imagination that can be used regardless of the type of target your imagination is being used for (pure or practical), this includes how you can share ideas as well as keeping on top of your own thoughts and plans

Thinking with Pen and Paper – This can still be a good idea for imaginative thinking, especially when there is a lot to work with. Here are some tips and guidance for thinking this way   
Managing your ideas and plans – Methods for keeping your thoughts, ideas and plans in a managed way so you can keep track of them. 
Managing yourself – A useful technique on how to cope with all of the tasks that are demanding your time, and all by asking 3 simple questions. 
Sharing ideas with others – How to share common ideas with others and keeping track of any changes made to those ideas 
Bringing the imagination to life – Creating a fantasy world from pure imagination 

Managing your ideas —-Bringing order to chaos and keeping it that way!  

This starts by taking raw chaos (whether on paper or in real life) and slowly turns it into a manageable ordered state, considering a number of methods and techniques to be used at every stage:

Preparing yourself for this chaos challenge  – Getting ready to face up to it
Figuring out what you want to do with it – What is the objective of your thinking
Working out how you are going to do it – Planning what you want to do
Making sure you are ready to do it  – Making sure you have all that you need
Making it happen! – Implementing the changes 
Then after all that:
Keeping it organised – making it Stay that way

Copyright note: All poems and other text on this site are copyright protected

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