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Never Lose the Wonder (Poem of Hope)

Butterfly 2 small
Hope is always there

Never lose the wonder

Life may not seem to sparkle, nor the path before you clear
The view may seem quite distant of things that should be near
Within you is an emptiness, confusion caught within this day
So look beyond that void, and let nature show you the way

Never lose the wonder seen in a moon-lit starry night
Or of the redness in the sky, seen in dawns early light
Cherish those precious moments, for there is beauty everywhere
From the butterfly upon a leaf, to the wind blowing in your hair

Life may seem a struggle and the days seem very slow
The past seems forgotten and of the future you do not know
But this moment is a gift that you now hold within you hand
From the sky high above you to the sea crashing upon its sand

Never lose the wonder of when the Robin begins to sing
Or of the bluebells and daffodils that bloom again each spring
Recognise those gifts around you that are found within your life
So relax a while with nature and ease the tension from your strife

Jenny M L (07/01/16)

This is just one of over 250 poems I have written. The Poem Index gives a full list of all of the poems you can find on this site. Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 

Poetic Thoughts – For reflection and contemplation.
Hope and Inspiration – Encouragement and hope in those moments of searching
Inner reflection – Inner reflection of emotions and forgiveness.
Love and Joy  – The love in our hearts and the joy of living.
The Natural World – Nature and its seasons, of rivers and raindrops.
Animals and Pets – The blackbird greeting the dawn, the cat sleeping on the bed.
Time alone with God – Reflections with God, regardless of what you believe.
Christian Poetry – The Gospels and their stories.
Remembrance and Grief – Of those we have lost. (Some have been read at funerals)
Sadness and despair – Those sad moments that we sometimes have to face

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