Moods of Love (for Valentines day)

11 Feb

Flwr F - 40

Valentine day reflections

Moods of love

The newness of love born at a baby’s birth,
The calmness of love within a storm of mirth,
The sadness of love, by memories enthralled,
The movement of love when compassion’s recalled.

The giving of love to those who are in need,
The strength of love is as small as a seed,
The sharing of love brings us all together,
The weight of love is as light as a feather.

The moods of love are endless and free,
Entwined within the heart of humanity,
Boundless, faithful and forever true,
Loves eternal soul forever within you.

© Jenny M L

This is just one of over a 250 poems I have written. The Poem Index gives a full list of all of the poems you can find on this site. Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 

Hope and Inspiration  – Poems for finding hope and inspiration in those moments of searching
Love and Joy  – Poems of love and happiness
The World around Us – The beauty of the world that surrounds us and what can be seen within it.
Spiritual Reflections – Poems for sharing those quite moments in spiritual reflection.
Time Alone with God – Poems for our relationship with God, regardless of what you believe.
Christian Poetry – Poems from the bible and the life of Jesus.
Remembrance and Grief – Poems of remembrance for those we have lost and the grief felt.
Sadness and Despair – The sadness that touches our lives and the despair of love that is lost.

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