The Love Within Us (poem)

26 Oct


Letting love in:

The Love within Us

It is not in your past, nor in your future does it lay.
For it was never meant to last, nor survive another day.
A guide it will never be, nor in true love will it be found,
So set the inner anger free, and then walk on joyful ground.

Walk where the light does shine, for surrounding you it always will.
Happiness is yours and mine, and with love we all have our fill.
We may forget to remember, that our love is ours to give,
But from January to December, within us true love does live.

© Jenny M L (20/10/2016)

This is just one of over 200 poems I have written. The Poem Index gives a full list of all of the poems you can find on this site. Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 

Hope and Inspiration – Encouragement and hope in those moments of searching
Spiritual reflection – Forgiveness and quiet inner reflection.
Love and Joy  – The love in our hearts and the joy of living.
Christian Poetry – The Gospels and their stories.
The Natural World – Nature and its seasons, of rivers and raindrops.
Time alone with God – Reflections with God, regardless of what you believe.
Animals and Pets – The blackbird greeting the dawn, the cat sleeping on the bed.
Remembrance and Grief – Of those we have lost. (Some have been read at funerals)
Sadness and despair – Those sad moments that we sometimes have to face

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