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The Inner Truth (poem)

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The Truth within us:

The Inner Truth

If truth becomes an illusion, if anger takes over the heart,
If life gets lost in confusion, if hatred tears friendships apart.
If reasoning becomes a task, and understanding fades from sight,
If we are unable to ask, for help in the darkest of night.

Then what of our life in this day, what will now become of our fate,
When mankind is losing it way, and peace is now closing its gate.
When happiness turns to sorrow, when our laughter turns into tears,
When all our dreams for tomorrow, are lost in amongst all our fears.

We must seek out our inner truth, that our heart is only for love,
To let love protect like a roof, stopping the hate fall from above.
That we don’t have to walk that path, of anger against the unknown
We can step out of hates cold draught, and let love rule out heart alone.

That peace can be found from within, and shared by stretching our hand,
And hope will help us to begin, to help us all to understand.
That faith in mankind gives us strength, and within ourselves it is found
That kindness can stretch any length, and our love stands on solid ground.

© Jenny M L (30/01/17)
(Written in one go)

This is just one of over 200 poems I have written. The Poem Index gives a full list of all of the poems you can find on this site. Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 

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