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Consultation Topics


From the moment I picked up a pencil I was writing poetry. Born with a natural fascination for rhyming words as well as an interest in this world that we live in, has produced a unique set of skills that have combined to produce the reflective poetry that I write. Consultations can include:

  • Writing a poem for you for a special reason or occasion
  • Providing guidance for poetry of this genre

sun rise boat 2

Sunrise on Iona

Imaginative thinking

These skills come from a lifetime enjoyment of writing stories and poetry as well as my enjoyment in scientific interests and a career in engineering. Designing from pure imagination a fantasy world and its history. Using practical imagination to understand concepts and bring practical ideas together. Consultations can include:

  • Designing with Practical Imagination (concepts, real world ideas, …)
  • Designing with Pure imagination (fantasy worlds, stories, …)

Chaos management and Information Tracking

The chaos management and information tracking (data management) knowledge come from my long career in engineering development where the skills for making order out of chaos and keeping track of a multitude of information is essential. Consultations can include:

  • Taking confusing information and restructuring it so it is understandable
  • Working out a plan from the details of what you have
  • Figuring out what it is that is required in the first place!

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York C tower view Autumn 1

View from York Minster

Tree back wall 21

Through the Churchyard


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