Hail stones 27/08/16

Hailstones in Towcester, August 27, 2016

The photos on this page were taken in Towcester during an unusual storm that occurred in August at about 3:00 pm. There was no adverse wind that day and It was like watching snow fall, just at the slightly faster speed of hail. It was not too heavy in the sense that the air was thick with them, they fell for a couple of minutes. 

It was clear that they had gone through two sets of formation, the first time they were of normal hailstone size, these then went on to be coated a second time, wrapped in clear ice, with the inner core opaque, possibly from melting slightly prior to the second coating (photos 1 and 2). They were about the size of a penny (photo 3)

This second coating also caused some hailstones to have little wings coming from each side of them (photo 4). Possibly formed from some of them joining together in the second coating and then breaking. 

The overall effect on the garden was as if a light snow storm had occurred on a summers day (photos 5 and 6). They caused no damage to anything.

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1 – Hailstones showing the inner details


2 – A selection of hailstones brought together for this shot


3 – A one pence coin for scale


4 – Hail with wings attached


5 – The front Lawn. Mainly hailstones, the odd daisy here and there


6 – A closer view of the garden in one corner


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