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A path to Adventure

One of the joys of pure imagination is that you can stretch it as far as you want in any direction, applying its creativity to practical applications just as much as imaginative ones. You can use it to help in any design regardless of the type of design that it is – even the most structured and logical areas within life can benefit from pure imagination just as much as an imaginative design does.

This section looks at the creativity of pure imagination and how to bring the imagination alive and into its own reality – Both in the creation of a fantasy world and in the writing of stories for it

For learning about the basics of imaginative thinking, some techniques to help you and methods for managing your thinking time, see Imagination

For learning how to bring structure to your creative thoughts and apply them to the chaos within and surrounding us, see Chaos Works

Travelling through a world of pure imagination

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Mysterious cave entrance

At the far extreme of imaginative thinking you can leave this world entirely. The designing of a fantasy world is one such example of imaginative thinking, within this world you can let your imagination run wild creating dark forbidding forests, cave systems, waterfalls, lost cities, and so on…

Regardless of whether you start with an idea for a fantasy world design or for fantasy stories of adventure, both will need to start to evolve together at some point. Nether can exist in isolation for very long. Often they are both hovering at the back of the mind, lurking together as the ideas develop.  

Designing a fantasy world
The story cannot progress in terms of journeys until you have some idea of what they will encounter on their journey. Do you need some part of the journey where creatures can hide (forest, valleys, paths through cliffs) or do you need open space (Desert, grassland). Are you going to meet friendly people, or go to a place where nothing is known about the culture.
These topics, as well as ones on designing creatures, characters and the history for the world are all considered in: Designing a fantasy world

Writing the adventures
Writing stories in a fantasy world requires quite a bit of background information to be decided if the stories are to be able to grow and progress. 

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