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The imagination can be encouraged by different methods and techniques, some to help the imagination to arrive, others to help manage the imagination once it has arrived

Fantasy World Designing Index

Fantasy world designing require a number of different aspects to be considered to make the whole. Specific topics covered on this site are listed below. They have been written in the sequence given and may refer back to an earlier topic to aid its own topic. 

  1. Introduction                                      An overview to fantasy world designing
  2. Designing a Fantasy World             What makes a fantasy world
  3. Geographical design, world view   Placing forests, mountains and other features    
  4. Culture, the basic world view         General world culture, are the natives friendly? 
  5. Settlements and people                  Settlements, why there are there and who lives there 
  6. Fantasy History, how it started      Why it is the way that it is, what happened in the past.
  7. Testing it out, will it work                Do the different parts of your design work together

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