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The world and our emotions.

Dmites forest 447My poetry reflects upon the world around us, our lives, our spirituality and our emotions. May you find something within them to bring you hope, to inspire you or just to reflect upon in quieter moments – with the occasional smile thrown in.

I have written more than 300 poems, over 50 of which can be found on these pages. You can also follow my blog and receive my poems when I post them: My latest poem

Three poems are shown below (Go gently, Friendship of laughter, Evening reflection). The rest have been grouped into themes, select the theme that interest you (red italics). See the Poem Index  for full list of poems on this site.

Hope and Inspiration – Encouragement and hope in those moments of searching
Inner reflection – Inner reflection of emotions and forgiveness.
Love and Joy  – The love in our hearts and the joy of living.
The Natural World – Nature and its seasons, of rivers and raindrops.
Animals and Pets – The blackbird greeting the dawn, the cat sleeping on the bed.
Time alone with God – Reflections with God, regardless of what you believe.
Christian Poetry – The Gospels and their stories.
Remembrance and Grief – Of those we have lost. (Some have been read at funerals)
Sadness and despair – Those sad moments that we sometimes have to face

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Go Gently

GM Journey tomorrow

Go gently upon the path that you tread,
Let every step be at a steady pace.
Try not to rush too fast to get ahead,
For life was never meant to be a race.

Be gentle with yourself if you go astray,
Do not be too hard if you leave the track.
For many of us sometimes lose our way,
Do not be afraid to turn and walk back.

Give gentleness to others lost in pain,
Show kindness to let them know that you care.
Support them until they are well again,
And remind them that, for them, you are there.

Be gentle with the world in which we live,
Watch out for the others who come your way.
Remember that we all have love to give,
Do not be afraid to share some today.

© Jenny M L

Friendship of laughter

A friendship of laughter with smiles packed in between,
Skies of blue full of sunshine and fields full of green.
A brightness of chatting, words sparkling as dew
Creating the memories that will stay with you.
A clearness of understanding, a friend so dear,
That when things get confusing, they always stay near.
A wonder of togetherness, of times you share,
When you are far apart, you know that they still care.
A freshness of joy, just as it was at the start,
Friendship has no limits, for they live in your heart.

© Jenny M L

Evening Reflection

Evening reflection (sunset, Isle of Iona, Scotland)

In the stillness of the moment, in the calming of the day,
The sun now on the horizon and the night now on its way.
A moment of reflection, a chance to look upon the view,
A chance to see what has left this day, and what it is that’s new.

Some memories we welcomed, a happy moment we have seen,
While others will be sad to know, reflecting on what has been.
Some changes we controlled ourselves, in others played no part,
Some will mark the end of things, where others mark the start.

Some memories will be new to us and some will be no more,
Some thoughts will touch us lightly, while others touch the core.
All of them will have changed us, and in each a different way,
The person who we are now, was not this person yesterday.

In this stillness of the moment, in this changing of the light,
A chance to see what went wrong, a chance to see what is right.
A chance to see what has changed and to see what we have sown,
A chance to hope that with today some wisdom may have grown.

© Jenny M L

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