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Rainbow’s end

These poems bring you hope when you are seeking for a better tomorrow, guiding you along the path as you reach out and move towards a time where fear no longer dwells within you.
The poems on this page in the order given are:

Never lose the Wonder
Hope reborn.
The Candle of hope
The Journey towards tomorrow
Being Yourself 
A Year from Now
Journey’s End
After New Years Eve
A Time of Forgiveness (Christmas)

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Never lose the Wonder

We live in a beautiful world

Mill side trees 06
Life may not seem to sparkle, nor the path before you clear
The view may seem quite distant of things that should be near
Within you is an emptiness, confusion caught within this day
So look beyond that void, and let nature show you the way

Never lose the wonder seen in a moon-lit starry night
Or of the redness in the sky, seen in dawns early light
Cherish those precious moments, for there is beauty everywhere
From the butterfly upon a leaf, to the wind blowing in your hair

Life may seem a struggle and the days seem very slow
The past seems forgotten and of the future you do not know
But this moment is a gift that you now hold within you hand
From the sky high above you to the sea crashing upon its sand

Never lose the wonder of when the Robin begins to sing
Or of the bluebells and daffodils that bloom again each spring
Recognise those gifts around you that are found within your life
So relax a while with nature and ease the tension from your strife

©Jenny M L

Hope Reborn

Letting the fear fade as hope is reborn within us

Sun rise, Iona

Sun Rise, Isle of Iona, Scotland

Hope reborn, a fresh new dawn,
A new life waking up within.
Fear now dies, no more the lies,
A clearer future can begin.

A tear falls, tomorrow calls,
The darkness within starts to fade.
A smile appears, no more fears,
A promise to new hope is made.

Hope now grows, our sorrow goes,
Removing the pain from our heart.
Love begins, happiness wins,
For a better life will now start.

Clear blue skies, upwards hope flies,
Released from the pains of our past.
Flying free, the eyes can see,
With a clarity that will last.

Hope lands strong, love will belong,
The past will never now return.
Sun shines bright, a golden light,
And a love within that will burn.

©Jenny M L

Candle of Hope

Light the Candle of Hope and fear’s darkness will disappear

Candle of hope

Candle of Hope

The candle of hope, a small beacon of light,
One tiny flame that will always burn bright.
So tiny in size, that it is almost not there,
But set it alight and it will spread everywhere.

So small that you feel that it cannot last long,
But throughout all the darkness, it will shine strong.
Through all the shadows of doubt, it will hold fast,
Burning within you until all the doubts pass.

It will still shine strong during your darkest day,
Bringing you fresh hope and then lighting the way.
Chasing out those fears that are hiding in you,
For the candle of hope will always shine through.

© Jenny M L

The Journey Towards Tomorrow

Setting off into a better future and leaving the past behind

Scot Newton Stream 1
The journey towards tomorrow
The leaving of times past
A moment of sweet sorrow
For a time that could not last

The closing of a curtain
The drawing in of night
This moment is uncertain
With the fading of the light

Nothing can be clearly seen
A time that is now unknown
Thoughts of what may have been
Of memories that have flown

Emptiness now lies within
A stillness upon the heart
Tomorrow has yet to begin
Yesterday, to depart

The past is no longer here
No longer does it bind
The future is drawing near
With something new to find

There’s nothing now to hold you
For all is yet to be
So seek for that better view
And set your spirit free

©Jenny M L

Being Yourself

You are you – do not be afraid of yourself

Iona Bishops house
Being yourself, that is who you ever are
You can never be anyone else but you
You will always be here, never afar
You just don’t always have a clear view

Being yourself, is all you can ever be
Stop searching for someone you are not
Look at yourself and what you will see
Is the person you have gone and forgot

Being yourself, is the best place to start
Just relax and you will naturally appear
You are already a whole and not just a part
So love yourself, for you will always be here

Being yourself, is the person others love best
They are not looking for someone who is new
So take a break from the search and have a rest
And you will find that you have always been you

©Jenny M L

A Year From Now

Our lives will move forward, this moment will not last

A year from now and this will be the past
And whatever the problem – It will not last
And the pain you are feeling will not stay inside
But move somewhere else, it is just part of the ride

The darkness that surrounds you will fade from your sight
For every days dawning will let in some light
The emptiness that is within you will fill up again
And each day that passes will lessen the pain

A year from now and this time has gone away
It may not be perfect – but it won’t be today
It may not be the world that you wished it to be
But it could be the world where your pain is set free

The chains that bind you, you will one day lack
And the weight that you carry will not stay on your back
It will be hard to believe that all this may be true
But hold onto that spark and do not feel so blue

A year from now and you would have moved on
And a year in a lifetime isn’t really too long
For in all of this darkness one thing stays clear
That a year from now, you will not still be here

© Jenny M L

Journeys end

You have made it!

Dmites forest 447
Journeys end, a new life is beginning at last,
And you know that the trials have all come to past.
To have reached the finish, to be filled with hope,
To have found new courage and to know you can cope.

To no longer fear any darkness you can see,
Coming out of the shadows, your spirit is free.
Coming out of the coldness, your warmth can now live,
And out of the loneliness, you have love to give.

A new life you can share with the others around,
To enjoy the happiness that you have now found.
To laugh in wonder, to see the starlight above,
To be able to smile and to share out your love.

For this journey’s path has now come to an end,
This time is all yours, and your heart will now mend.
Nothing more to fear, no more tears will now fall,
You have faced all the trails and conquered them all.

©Jenny M L

New Years Eve

Butterfly 2 small
In an ending there is a beginning,
Though it may not always seem that way.
But the world is forever spinning,
And after New Year’s Eve comes New Year’s Day.

A new year arriving at midnight,
An old year getting ready to depart.
A new beginning coming into sight,
But from the old year it does start.

From this ending you can now begin,
To change the old and find a new.
A resolution to turn round and win,
And a chance for your life to renew.

©Jenny M L

A Time of Forgiveness (Christmas)

angle of hope

A time of forgiveness, a time of goodwill,
A time to forget anger and let the wounds heal.
A time for the hope that came with His birth,
A time to reflect upon His work on this earth.

A time to remember those who cannot be here,
To raise up a glass and remember them with cheer.
Of the joy that you shared with them a long time ago,
For although they are gone, their love you still know.

A time of celebration with others around,
To make new friends of any strangers you have found,
To give to those who are less fortunate than you,
To help them find happiness, their hope to renew.

This time of the year should always bring peace,
As we look for the star that rose in the East.
As we remember the goodness that came from above,
And pray that to others, we can share some of His love.

©Jenny M L

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