Inner Reflections

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These poems reflect the inner emotions and reflections within us . May you find something within these poems to help you when you need comfort, guide you when you are lost and when you feel you have little more to give. The poems on this page in the order given are:

One earth, One land, shared by all
The Stones of Forgiveness
The Opening of your Eyes

There is a special collection of poems for sharing your Remembrance and Grief of those who have passed away.
There are two collections of Spiritual Poetry that you may like to read, there is a collection of poetry for spending some Time alone with God,  as well as a collection of poetry inspired by the bible and the stories of Jesus,
Christian poetry.

The poem index provides a full list of my poems and collections. Please contact me if you want to know more about my poetry. All poems copyrighted. All rights reserved.

One earth, One land, shared by all

(Written after the Paris attack (14/11/15), to remind humanity that we are one)

Iona Bishops house

One earth, one life, a world shared by us all,
One people joined under the living sun.
One chance for us to hear harmony’s call,
Echoed softly from when the world begun.

One life is ours, a journey that we share,
From our creation until our time ends.
During that time, it is for us to care,
For us to love, to laugh and to make friends.

Too short for anger, too precious to hate,
Our lives should be as a gift to mankind.
As for forgiveness, it is not too late,
To seek for peace and to open our mind.

To share all our ways, to hold out our hand,
To not let hate win, nor hide behind fear.
One people, one life, one earth and one land,
Let us reach out and let others draw near.

©Jenny M L

The Stones of Forgiveness

Stones of forgiveness

The stones of forgiveness lay deep within the pool of pain,
Each stone a fragment of hope can make you whole again.
Reach deep into the pool and find your forgiveness within,
Then release it from the pool so the healing can begin.

As you hold a stone in your hand, forgiveness laying there,
Open up your fingers and release the pain into the air.
With the freeing of each stone, the pool’s becoming clearer,
The pain now departing as forgiveness now draws nearer.

Let the stones be released to wherever there is the need,
One by one from the pool, until every stone is freed.
The pool’s becoming calmer, its clarity still and true,
The peace of complete forgiveness now laying within you.

©Jenny M L

The Opening of your Eyes

sun rise boat 2

In quietness and stillness does your spirit lie
In darkness and thoughtfulness does your mind drift by
Nothing yet within, nothing yet without
A silent dawn arising, just shadows lay about

A new world awakens, unknown to you this day
A new beginning beckons, a chance to find a way
Into a new tomorrow, to walk under different skies
And all of this coming from the opening of your eyes

©Jenny M L

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