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The River Tove

Poems of the seasons and the beauty we can find in the natural world around. Touching our lives and enriching the world we live in.

The poems on this page in the order given are:

The Spirit of the Spring
Eddies in the water
Autumn Arrival
Autumn Ending
January Dawn
Rain on the Window

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The spirit of the spring

Tree blossum single

First blossom

The spirit of the spring, the crispness in the air
The feeling of what’s to come, even though the trees are bare
Underneath their branches the crocuses now grow
Coming through the surface their tips begin to show

The suns a little warmer, getting brighter every day
With the grass a little greener, you know it’s here to stay
The mornings are less dark; the evenings have more light
The lengthen of the day, brings the shortening of the night

The blossoms will soon appear as the trees begin to wake
The bees will start their buzzing, as the nectar they do take
The hedgehogs start uncurling as they waken from their sleep
And underneath the bushes, more creatures start to creep

The breeze of spring arrives to chase the winter clouds away
The air becoming fresher, the sky more blue than grey
And with each days dawning, more birds begin to sing
And the joy that you are feeling – that’s the spirit of the spring.

©Jenny M L

Eddies in the water

GM Journey tomorrowEddies in the water, spinning all the way
Eddies in the water, never here to stay
Ripples spread around them, moving in their wake
Active in a river, but resting in a lake

Fishes swimming through them, insects there to eat
Ducks journeying on them, beating with their feet
Reeds swaying with them, a rhythm of the flow
Racing with the current, but in stillness they then go

©Jenny M L

Autumn arrival

Golden treesThe sun setting slowly, painting red across the sky
The swallows migrating, towards the south they fly
The leaves start turning, to shades of yellow, orange and red
Landing softly upon the ground, a carpet for you to tread

Morning dew descending, resting lightly upon the grass
A touch of frost may follow, but it will not yet last
Apples hanging on the bough, ripe and ready to eat
Squirrels harvesting away the nuts for their winter treat

The last of summer flowers now giving their final show
Before the releasing of their petals upon the wind to blow
Red berries on the bushes, autumns harvest there to reap
A gentle stillness upon the land, as nature goes to sleep

©Jenny M L

Autumn ending

St lawrence treeAutumn ending, the trees are now bare
Their swaying branches filtering the air
Their discarded leaves swept into a heap
And in sheltered corners, hedgehogs now sleep

Frost stretches out it long cold hand
A crisp white dawn now covers the land
Around the edges of ponds a little ice now appears
Growing wider each morning as winter nears

The sun’s getting lazy, rising later each day
Its autumn warmth makes the frost go away
The earth now prepared for what winter will bring
But underneath its soil sleep the fruits of the spring

©Jenny M L

January Dawn

Sun rise, Iona

Sun rise, Iona

January dawn, a little forlorn
No sun before eight can be seen
Overnight rain, puddles remain
But no frost or snow on the scene

Darkness is long, no bird song
Can be heard for many long hours
But days lengthen, the sun strengthen
And soon will come the spring flowers

©Jenny M L

Rain On the Window

Rain on the window, a soft gentle sound
Finding a space on the glass
And out in the garden, rain reaches the ground
Touching the tips of the grass

The drop on the window goes seeking a friend
Finding others out on the trail
Then forming a group, they slowly descend
Leaving behind them a watery tail

The grass moves slightly as the rain softly lands
And slides to the ground below
Soaking into the earth, it touches the strands
Of roots, so that grasses may grow

Rain on the path come together to form
A puddle like a miniature lake
Large drops of rain now arrive with a storm
Fast flowing streams they make

The clouds past over and the rain moves away
The sun reclaiming the skies
A land now refreshed, the dirt washed away
And the rain on the window dries

© Jenny M L

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