Remembrance and Grief

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These poems were written in remembrance of those who have died. Some were written to be read at funerals, others to help those who are left behind to grieve, including myself.
The poems on this page in the order given are

Remember Me
Because they Lived (For Remembrance day)
Though You may now be at Rest
At the End of Your Day
God Forgets not those who Grieve

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Remember Me

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Remember me for who I am
At this time when we must part
Remember me and the life we shared
For I am still alive in your heart

Although the wind I can no longer feel
Nor will the sun now touch my face
I will still be there beside you my love
When you walk away from this place

I will still walk amongst the flowers
I will still live beneath the sky
I will still be where you are my love
For memories can never die

Please do not mourn for what will be no more
Do not feel sad at this last refrain
But enjoy the memories left by us
Farewell my love, until we meet again

©Jenny M L


Golden trees
The passing of a loved one brings the laying of the wreath
And the time that follows brings the pain that they call grief
A pain drenched in memories of a life that is no more
A life whose final journey has been though death’s dark door

No longer can you hold them, to tell them what you did that day
And comes the pain of telling others that they have passed away
A place so full of memories and, yet, such emptiness within
You want to mourn for what is lost, but the tears will not begin

They say that time brings healing, that grief’s hold will not be so tight
But that thought brings little comfort on a sleepless restless night
And yet I will hold that thought there in the hope that that is so
That some warmth will return a smile, from the pain of letting go

©Jenny M L

Because They Lived

A poem for remembrance day, Lest we forget

Because they lived and chose to fight
In a war on foreign land
We have the freedom and the right
To choose where we can stand

They gave to us their tomorrow
For a future they would never see
They lived in a time of needless sorrow
Their sacrifice given for you and me

Remember them with respect, as they lay still
Under the fields where the poppies grow
For, from their courage and their strength of will
They gave to us the world we know

©Jenny M L

Though you may now be at rest

Iona Bishops house
Though you may now be at rest and asleep
Within my heart I still silently weep
To mourn for a friend, a friendship so dear
That, thought you are gone, I can still feel you near

You brought laughter and sunshine filled with love
Gifts I still feel, though God has taken you above
You lived life to the full and brought joy to the heart
Golden memories from which my soul will not part

Always a smile for your friends could be found
The world became brighter when you were around
You made life richer for those whom you cared
I will cherish forever those moments we shared

©Jenny M L
(In memory of Linda, who was a splash of colour in a dull world)

At the end of your day

Dmites forest 447
When God calls you at the end of your day
When your sun sets low in the sky
When God asks you to walk his way
So you may see what rests upon high

A path you will find, will appear before you
A safe passage full of golden light
And a guide will come to lead you to the new
And give you his hand as your soul takes flight

Hold out your hand; do not fear where you now go
As you are taken on your journey to above
Be calm, for it is peace you will now know
In a place where you are surrounded by love

©Jenny M L

God forgets not those who grieve

St Lawrence, Towcester

St Lawrence, Towcester

God forgets not those who grieve
Who, in times of great lost, need to believe
That God is listening and hearing your prayer
For those that you loved and are no longer there
Of those who are no longer a part of your life
A friend or a relative, a husband or wife

Gently He will hold you within His embrace
Catching your tears that fall from your face
His knows of your grief and the lost you now feel
Giving you his love so that the sadness will heal
He will stay at your side as you silently mourn
And know that, with Him, they have now been reborn

©Jenny M L

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