Sadness and Despair

Frosty trees 006These poems look into those moments where love or a friendship has been lost, or we cannot find a reason for believing in a better future.
The Poems on this page in the order given are:

The World was not on our side
I Would Have…
A Fractured World
Unfortunate Words
When Time stretches out before you

There is a separate collection of poetry for sharing your Remembrance and Grief of those who have passed away
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The world was not on our side

Scot Newton Stream 1The time of parting has arrived; this is not an easy day
I wish with all my heart that there could have been another way
Do not blame yourself; do not blame me, for one thing I have learned
It was not anybody’s fault, just simply how the world turned

The paths we travel we can but choose for only a yard or so
Beyond that distance fate steps in, its effects we cannot know
We try to adapt the best we can, but the world is not always kind
We stumble forward a step or two and the past gets left behind

And when we try to pause a bit, before the now has gone
The world refuses to stop for us and spins forever on
Our futures are unknown as we are swept along by the tide
We did our best my friend, but the world was not on our side

©Jenny M L

I would have…

Mountain view small
I would have moved the world for you
If I had known just where to start
I would have moved the world for you
If the time had not come to part

I would have climbed a mountain for you
Using a rope to take us up high
I would have climbed a mountain for you
If you had not wanted to fly

I would have crossed the desert for you
Travelling for miles across the sand
I would have crossed the desert for you
If your grasp had not slipped my hand

But alas those things were not meant to be
Could never come to pass
The way for us we could no longer see
And we knew it could not last

But still the world does turn each day
Moving through space on its own
So we too must turn and go our way
Along each path alone

©Jenny M L

A Fractured World

Iona Bishops house
A fractured world, broken within the heart
The decision is made, more lives torn apart
Fear now reigns, the way to peace is lost
Both the young and the old will pay the cost

No answers can be given, no questions to be found
Nothing left to say, no harmony laying around
A new dawn rising, a new world on its way
May hope find a path within this dark day

©Jenny M L

Unfortunate Words

Plum flowers 1
Unfortunate words, a bad choice that came along
Whether spoken or written they came out wrong
They can do so much harm where none was meant
But you realise too late the message that was sent

You realise with sadness that you have hurt them so
Whether they will forgive you, you may never know
For the injury they received may keep you apart
The wound running deep, touching their heart

Can a friendship be repaired, is there a way?
‘Time heals all wounds’ is what others will say
Patience is needed with each step thought through
Tread carefully as though the friendship was new

Do not push too hard, it may be a push too far
Give them some space so they can see who you are
Give them time to remember that you were once there
And that your friendship was true and you really did care

©Jenny M L

When time stretches out before you

St lawrence grave stones 040
When time stretches out before you
With a path not clear to see
When you have no one to turn to
And there is nowhere else to be

Do not try and reach tomorrow
Nor look back to yesterday
Do not surrender to your sorrow
But learn to love today

For only within the present
Can a future be truly found
And only within this moment
Do we stand on solid ground

Do not push this moment away
For it has a beauty of its own
And within the life you live today
Is the seed of tomorrow sown

Although you cannot always see
That tomorrow is with you today
Trust that this is what’s meant to be
And let today guide your way

©Jenny M L

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